Spring is in the Air!

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Blog

And we’re torn between excitement and concern. A Nature Calendar report just published by our friends at The Woodland Trust, which analysed signs of Spring in 2019, has warned of ‘lost winters’. Some creatures are tempted out of hibernation too soon, and could be at risk if temperatures subsequently plummit, whilst some birds appeared to be breeding too late to make the most of vital food sources.

I know the kids in our house would love the cold snap to continue and haven’t given up on the idea of snow this winter, and with Easter late – our seasonal Spring activities are months away. So we’re hoping the blackbirds take it easy for a little bit longer, and the daffodils halt their upwardly progress, to allow Spring to really arrive. In the meantime, we we can get excited planning, writing and organising our Easter events. We’ve got lots of lovely events to be getting on with, from Wildlife Encounters, to Skelf Adventures and Nature Safaris! Here’s a sneaky peak of what’s coming up..!

Rabbit welcomes audiences
Another epic performance from the Woodland Creatures Theatre!
Spider weaves his web as he waits for audiences
Busy nature in Springtime!
Spring is in the air - and frog looks jolly - in an interactive Rusticus Adventure