Sensational Sledmere – re-imagining the Grotto experience..!

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I love the grotto at Sledmere House and have taken my own children there on many occasions when they were little. It is hugely popular and it’s success is down partly to the beauty of the setting at the Home Farm buildings, a fantastic quality build, and the creative vision of Lauren Fenwick and her team. So we were absolutely delighted when Lauren approached Rusticus to help her take the grotto to the next level as their creative partner. Covid was well and truly here already when we embarked on our plans, but as the virus spread and the government advice changed and developed, so did we all need to – in order to keep this event alive in a hugely challenging landscape – but crucially to make sure that the experience surpassed the expectations of Sledmere’s loyal and enthusiastic audiences. We are deep into our last preparations this week and we open to our first audiences on Friday – who will be attending the event in their cars as per Tier 3 regulations – and we couldn’t be prouder of the event. As Lauren said to us during this week’s rehearsals: “what’s most important is that we give the children a magical moment this year” – she’s right, and we reckon that between us all, and despite all the odds, we’re going to do just that. Wish us luck!

Magical Santa Experience by Rusticus