Rusticus Woodland Creature’s Theatre

The Rusticus Woodland Creatures Theatre is a theatrical performance, designed to be enjoyed by a (for the most part) seated audience. The closest thing to a traditional theatre experience that Rusticus dare deliver.. taking place anywhere in which there are trees and opportunities for audiences to sit, this is our most accessible experience and contains our usual Rusticus mix of story, music and interactive silliness!

Audiences will be greeted joyfully by two woodland animals who show them an old forgotten trunk full of epic adventure stories. Using only what they can find in the woodland, and with the audience’s help – the animals embark on their performance – a joyous undertaking which proves that no story is too big to tell if you have enough imagination!

There are four epic performances to choose from: Sing songs with the outlaws and feast at the Sheriff’s banquet in Robin Hood! Become a swashbuckling musketeer and find out what it takes to be a hero in The Three Musketeers! Set sail on a sea-fairing adventure to brave the legendary monster of the deep Moby Dick himself! And help Ebeneezer Scrooge from spoiling Christmas with lashings of festive cheer in A Christmas Carol!


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