Rusticus Outdoor Performances
Rabbit with music box
Image - Rusticus

Rusticus love to perform in the outdoors – exploring beautiful natural places and the limits of our imaginations at the same time. We offer our interactive performances in three different formats. All these experiences offer a fun creative experience for families, whilst increasing the quality of their engagement with outdoor spaces! Audiences will have the opportunity to explore both hidden corners and familiar territory – but they’ll never see them in the same way again!

Rusticus Adventures take audiences on an exciting journey through your outdoor spaces, interspersed with family-friendly led games and activities. Along the way, they will meet a host of larger-than-life characters as they become immersed in a fantastic voyage of discovery – what’s around the next corner is always unpredictable!

There are plenty of Rusticus Adventures from which to choose.  Journey through time with our eccentric professor in Time Travellers! Take a joyous and irreverent look at the creatures beneath our feet, as you journey Into the Undergrowth! Shout about this wonderful county of which the pudding is flung in Great Yorkshire Moments! Celebrate the time of year when the warmer weather brings everyone out to play in May Madness! Take part in a high-octane rescue attempt with our wacky wildlife experts in Wildlife Warning! And enjoy nature bursting into life with some of our favourite British wildlife in A Magical Springtime!

There are also seasonal Rusticus Adventures to celebrate the best bits of these special times of year. Find out more about our Halloween and Christmas Adventures too! You can also commission us to create a brand new Rusticus Adventure just for you! Just get in touch to discuss your ideas here

In our Rusticus Encounters audiences are immersed in the world of a larger than life and inspirational character. These encounters combine performance & story-telling with family-friendly led activities, whilst creating memorable moments for families to enjoy together!

There are plenty of Rusticus Encounters from which to choose. Take part in challenges inspired by ancient stories of Gods and Monsters with our charismatic storyteller Apollo! Join in a woodland enchantment with our magical sprite of the forest, the Forest Fairy. Get lost with our hapless Explorer, or join our enchanting Mermaid Princess on her quest! Have an exciting escapades in the pursuit of treasure with our daring Treasure Hunter, embark on an adventure on the high seas with our friendly swashbuckling Pirate, or help shift some hidden booty with our excise-avoiding gentlewoman Smuggler!

Rusticus Encounters have also been specially adapted to visit your school. Visit our schools page to find out more!

The Rusticus Woodland Creatures’ Theatre is a theatrical performance, designed to be enjoyed by a (for the most part) static audience. The closest thing to a traditional theatre experience that Rusticus dare deliver.. taking place anywhere in which there are trees and opportunities for audiences to sit, this is our most accessible experience and contains our usual Rusticus mix of story, music and interactive silliness!

Audiences will be greeted joyfully by two woodland animals who share an enthusiasm for epic human adventure stories! Using only what they can find in the woodland, and with the audience’s help – the animals embark on their performance – a joyous undertaking which proves that no story is too big to tell if you have enough imagination!

There are many hilarious performances to choose from: Sing songs with the outlaws and help the Sheriff get lost in the forest with Robin Hood! Become a swashbuckling musketeer and find out what it takes to be a hero in The Three Musketeers! Set sail on a sea-fairing adventure to brave the legendary monster of the deep Moby Dick himself! Walk among the gods and monsters of Ancient Greece and help our hero get home in the Odyssey!

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