Rusticus Lantern Events
Meeting the Forrester
Image - Jamie Boswell
Rusticus Lantern Events

Rusticus love to be outside as the light fades and the atmosphere shifts to that intriguing time between day and night.  We have developed a range of Lantern Events which fit beautifully into the Autumn months as the leaves start to turn on the trees.  

Rusticus Lantern Adventures take audiences on an atmospheric journey through your outdoor spaces, with silly games and spooky activities, and a whole host of magical and woodland creature characters who can’t wait to share with you what makes this time of day so special!

We have plenty of adventures for you to enjoy, including Forest Folk, Medieval Forest, and Journey at Dusk!

Rusticus Lantern-Making Workshops are the perfect accompaniment to a Rusticus Lantern Adventure! Led by our medieval man of the woods, John the Forrester, families will work together to create large-size lanterns using traditional withy sculpture and tissue paper. Lanterns can be lit safely using LEDs, and then carried triumphantly throughout one of our Lantern Walk events!

Rusticus Lantern Trails Rusticus can also conceive and deliver Lantern Trails – full details of our trail events here!

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