Rusticus Halloween
Corvus the Skelf shakes his fist
Image - Charlotte Graham

Rusticus have created a tantalising array of high quality and family-friendly Halloween performances – why not book us to help create a joyful and playful atmosphere at your Halloween event? Alternatively, you can commission us to creatively direct your Halloween offer and to provide a package of events including trail, workshops, and performances all conceived and delivered within a central magical and spooky narrative.

Wizard events Our woodland wizards are normally hidden to mortal eyes, but at Halloween each year they share a little of their wizarding secrets with magical families of witches and wizards! Each of the immersive adventures below is inspired by a different element of the wizarding world and can be enjoyed on an adventure walk, as a storytelling event, as a workshop which includes a themed making activity, or as a combination of all of the above!

We have plenty of Wizard events to choose from, including Potions, Broomsticks and Trick or Treat!

Rusticus Halloween Adventures take audiences on an atmospheric journey through your outdoor spaces, with silly games and spooky activities. Plenty of fun and laughter are guaranteed in a performance full of family friendly magical experiences – not a fright night in sight! Audiences will meet a ghastly array of fun Halloween characters in performances including Rusticus Ghost-Hunting Adventure and Rusticus Treasure-Hunting Adventure! 

Halloween Event Design & Delivery

Rebecca and Jonathan have over twenty years combined experience in creating events for a family audience in a range of venues, including historic houses and outdoor spaces. We can offer support in a range of ways, from creative director role, to artistic programming, logistics and event creation and delivery. We can work in partnership with your existing partners, or we can provide a one-stop shop – just call us to discuss.

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