Rusticus Encounters
Rusticus Wizard
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Rusticus Encounters are interactive open-air events which combine a performance element with family-friendly led activities. Accompanied by a larger-than-life character, audiences will have an opportunity to explore both hidden corners and familiar territory – but they’ll never see them in the same way again!

There are plenty of Rusticus Encounters from which to choose. Be amazed by ancient stories of Gods and Monsters with our charismatic storyteller Apollo, Greek God of music, poetry, healing and herding! Join in a woodland enchantment with our magical sprite of the forest, the Forest Fairy. Or get lost with our hapless nature enthusiast, the Rusticus Explorer,  and help him survive with navigating scavenging and finding shelter!

Join our enchanting Mermaid Princess on her quest on land to save her underwater kingdom, or venture into the woods with our mystical master of the elements, the Rusticus Wizard, and join him in spell-making, enchantments and a wiffy sock or two. Join in survival, problem-solving and exciting escapades in the pursuit of treasure with our daring Treasure Hunter, or  help Erica the Viking learn the skills she needs to meet challenges set by the Norse Gods.

Meet Robynne of Sherwood, our feisty female Outlaw for girl-power, tales of adventure and a daring mission to outwit the Sheriff, or make for the border with our excise-avoiding gentlewoman Smuggler!  Or embark on an adventure on the high seas with our friendly swashbuckling Pirate on the promise of hidden booty!

Rusticus Encounters have also been specially adapted to visit your school. Visit our schools page to find out more!


Rusticus Greek Myths and Monsters
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  1. Clsre says:

    We went to burnby hall gardens yesterday and had a fab pirate adventure! We didn’t know it was on but it was a fab surprise! Will definitely try and catch other performances over the summer. My daughter left saying she wanted to do that again for her birthday!!! Many thanks fir a fun day our

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