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Amy Johnson on a whale
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Rusticus enjoy creating all the magic and mayhem of our live outdoor performances, but re-written, performed, and delivered in digital form! Bringing the delight of the outdoors into audiences’ indoor spaces. All Rusticus Digital Adventures are offered on a commission basis – contact us to find out more!

RUSTICUS ADVENTURE BITES are fun-sized virtual adventures for families! Taking their inspiration from our outdoor Rusticus Adventures, these short engaging films take audiences on a journey of discovery featuring a whole host of crazy characters and include interactive activities which families can take part in, in real time! Recent commissions include:

Up in the Air, with Amy Johnson! A whistle-stop adventure which follows Amy Johnson’s record-breaking solo flight to Australia in 1930 and features the endeavours of famous flyers who came before her. Up in the Air, with Amy Johnson! was created for East Riding of Yorkshire’s Museum, Library and Heritage Services and has been accessed by families across the county via social media platforms.

Magical Springtime Adventure is a short film commissioned for The Woodland Trust – Smithills Estate which celebrates the hidden magical world of the imagination which the estate’s rich landscape of moorland, ancient woodland and wetland offers to families. Following Swallow as she arrives at Smithills after her epic migration from Africa, Magical Springtime Adventure features legendary creatures who all have their own ideas about what makes Smithills so special, and has been accessed by thousands on the Trust’s social media channels.

RUSTICUS DIGITAL TRAILS are a series of short videos designed and produced solely for you, and to be viewed by audiences as they walk a pre-decided trail at your venue. The story of the trail is written to highlight the natural features and interest of your outdoor spaces and includes engaging activities, all hosted by vibrant Rusticus characters!

The Tramway Trail was produced for The Woodland Trust at Walkers Fold, part of the Smithills Estate, near Bolton. Families viewed the trail via QR droids in the Winter of 2020 whilst looking for attractive wooden wildlife markers hung from the trees and completing a two mile walk! Have a glimpse of the greeting video here!

Magpie Mystery is a ground-breaking new adventure format accessed via the Love Exploring App.  This 1940s inspired trail sees our merry adventurers, Edward and Kitty, caught up in an exciting mystery. The fully interactive adventure takes the form of a series of video clips, puzzle solving, and on-site installations, and has been commissioned by Sewerby Hall & Gardens. Families move through the grounds at Sewerby, whilst helping virtual Edward and Kitty and a whole host of supporting characters, to solve the mystery! Being launched in Summer 2021, you can see a sneak preview of what to expect on the trail here!

Winter Wildlife is another ground-breaking new adventure format accessed via and commissioned by the Love Exploring App. This exciting wintry adventure sees families rescuing some of the UK’s best loved wildlife from the meddlesome Dr Frostbite and his fearsome discombobulator ray. With video clips to watch, and a variety of puzzles to solve, this engaging adventure for families really does turn a walk into an adventure! Launching in February 2021, you can see a sneak preview here!

RUSTICUS MUSICAL ENCOUNTERS are short videos which consist of a snapshot of life with an engaging, larger than life character: a character who is determined to tell us what makes them so special – in musical form! Funny, fast-paced and atmospheric, recent commissions include:

The Noctule Bat Rap – this short music video features the largest of the British bat species – the noctule bat. Bats are commonly misunderstood, overlooked, and feared – this engaging bat rap was commissioned by The Woodland Trust Smithills Estate to raise awareness, enjoyment and engagement with their future bat observation programme.

The Skylark’s Swansong – this short music video features a female skylark: mousy, hidden in the grass and working hard to raise a family, as the male of the species flies, swoops, sings and has poetry written about them. This kooky 80’s power ballad was commissioned by The Woodland Trust Smithills Estate to raise awareness of ground-nesting birds and to encourage engagement with the conservation of the estate.

Have an idea for a film of your own featuring the unique qualities of your site? Then talk to us about realising your vision – we have competitive prices, a flexible outlook, and a great eye for design!

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