Up in the Air with Amy Johnson


Sewerby Hall & Gardens 2020


The Brief

Early 2020 saw the covid-19 pandemic hit and our live events cancelled for the foreseeable future. During this time we were contacted by our client, East Riding of Yorkshire Council – could we help them with their digital offer to audiences?

Specifically, could we work with the Museums Service to create a Rusticus Adventure which was experienced online by audiences instead of live? They had a theme in mind – Sewerby Hall has a long association with the pioneer aviator, Amy Johnson and the 70-year anniversary of her record breaking solo flight to Australia was on 24 May.

We worked quickly – adding to our kit through a successful grant application to Arts Council England, and working to design a digital experience which for audiences, would feel like going on a Rusticus Adventure at their favourite outdoor location but in fun-sized virtual format which can be snacked on between meals at home – the Rusticus Adventure-Bite! ‘


What We Did

Next was to write the content – Up in the Air is Amy Johnson’s adventure as she flies solo between England and Australia in May 1930, but it also features some of the endeavours of the ‘famous flyers’ who came before her. Featuring a narrative which includes Amy sharing the scientific secrets of flight, cameos from Joseph Montgolfier and Daedalus himself, as well as interactive craft activities and comedic special effects, it all the fun our audiences would expect – creativity, jokes and activities to try as you go along – and are designed for all the family to enjoy together!


The Result

We were able to film despite lockdown restrictions, and to create a format which packed one of our traditional Rusticus outdoor adventures into a seven minute video celebration of those men and women who reached for the skies! The video was shared on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s social media sites and enjoyed by audiences during the difficult first months of lockdown.

Up in the air with Amy Johnson from Rusticus

Thanks all the film is brilliant!!!

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