Merry Monarchs!


Harrow Arts Centre & tour 2022


The Brief

The Queen’s Jubilee in Spring of 2022 meant a commission by Harrow Arts Centre to create a celebratory performance for their large scale community event! Could we celebrate what it means to be a Queen or King by taking a playful look at some of the UK’s most charismatic monarchs..?


What We Did

We were given the opportunity to animate the top floor o the neo-tudor arts entre building including the historic Elliott Hall! We leapt at the chance to journey through an historic building and created a Rusticus Adventure brim-ful of Merry Monarchs – with Elizabethan dancing, military drills and Victorian feats of engineering!


The Result

The event proved really popular with a diverse audience and presented an inclusive way to enjoy the jubilee celebrations. Following our successful performances at Harrow Arts Centre, Merry Monarchs went on to perform at Normanby Hall & Country Park in Lincs, Aston Hall in Birmingham, Sewerby Hall & Gardens Bridlington and Burnby Hall Gardens, Pocklington!


Rusticus Merry Monarchs Adventure

“A massive thank you to Jow and Matthew for their work on Saturday. The show was a hit with audiences and everything worked really well!”

Matthew, Harrow Arts Centre

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