Lanterns & Light!

Chester Zoo / Culture Creative 2023


The Brief

We first heard that our client, Culture Creative, were going to be producers of Chester Zoo’s popular Lanterns & Light Christmas experience in early 2023.  In our wash-up call for Christmas 2022, Simon asked what did we know about puppets, and how would we manage a team of potentially up to forty puppeteers over the course of a thirty day Christmas run..? Our ears definitely pricked up..!


What We Did

It was incredibly important for us to understand the event overall and how the puppets fit within it. Fortunately there was an existing team of strong performers experienced both in puppeteering but also in the event itself. We asked them a lot of questions so that we, along with Culture Creative, could make sure that budgets were right and that we could plan effectively to support them to deliver the events. The team would be providing a range of different animal characters with lit puppets of varying sizes, construction and operations consistently across the evening – and we needed to plan for every eventuality!


The Result

The team performed fantastically – delighting audiences with a range of animal characters including orangutans, zebra, octopus, wolves and elephants and providing a consistently high quality experience throughout the course of the run.

Witchfinders at Sarehole Mill Pumpkin Flotilla



Audience member

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