Time Travelling in East Park


The Big Malarkey Festival 2018


The Brief

When we heard that Hull’s East Park was playing host to an outdoor family festival celebrating stories, we know we wanted to be involved! At our first meeting with director Ellen Bianchini, we discussed how we might provide a promenade piece of theatre at the Big Malarkey Festival which highlighted the famous stories associated with the park itself?


What We Did

Our approach was to create a secret mission – audiences would be hijacked by a time-travelling professor at the festival and then taken out of a secret entrance into the park itself for the adventure. Meeting golfers, ex-servicemen and even a rock guitarist – audiences would consider what made the park special, and protect it from the evil Future Planner!


The Result

We successfully delivered the event at the festival in June – providing a slice of surprise for audiences and park-goers alike!

Time Travelling East Park by Rusticus - in an interactive Rusticus Adventure

“A time-hopping slice of wonder”

KCOM, Festival sponsor

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