Halloween or not….?

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Blog

I have a child who dislikes Halloween. It makes him nervous. He finds the grotesque decorations in windows and venues unsettling. He is now older, and very well aware that he is supposed to like Halloween. And, as always, it is our experience of him that has influenced how we create Rusticus events at this time of year.

There are no nasty surprises. Ever. There are no unsettling costumes. There is no face paint. Our adventures never take place in the world of the grotesque or gory. We our not interested in frightening our audiences. So if you like all that, then a Rusticus event at this time of year will probably be a disappointment.

But this is what you will always get – a spirit of adventure and togetherness that going on a journey of imagination in our beautiful outdoor places envokes, a reassurance that we will share the rules of the adventure and never subvert them, encounters with delightful, magical, engaging characters who want to share what they think is brilliant about this time of year. Bumbling wizards, playful ghosts, magical creatures, wands, broomsticks, potions, the feeling of bravery, friendship, and wonder. And, as always, lots and lots of funny moments!

If you have a child with a big imagination, or who prefers to know exactly what is expected of them, then join a Rusticus Adventure this Halloween. And if you want to talk through any of our events in advance, please email us rebecca@rusticus.co.uk

Having fun with a wizard - in an interactive Rusticus Adventure