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  1. Simon Orford says:

    Dear Rusticus. I feel the need to express my amazement at a recent Rusticus performance at Sewerby Hall. We witnessed ‘Up in the Air’and looking back at our family holiday in Bridlington this was truly a highlight. The pair of actors performing were quite superb. I believe they may even remember us, as it was almost a personal performance for us (which I felt embarrassed about as this should have attracted hoards). Still with us and another family (who had seen it before and with children who wanted to reveal all the surprises throughout) the actors gave still showed so much enthusiasm and talent. Some fantastic improv and so much fun. Please pass on our sincere thanks to those concerned. Drama at its rawest yet highest I believe. Sorry I know I should be relaying these thoughts through social media circles these days but I’m not quite embracing it yet. Feelfree to quote any of this though. Best Wishes Simon Orford (Rebecca, Molly (8) and Sam (5)

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