A Very Serious Christmas

by | Dec 12, 2021 | Uncategorised

When you think of Rusticus, it’s possible that the word ‘serious’ doesn’t automatically spring to mind. We’re about fun, and enjoyment and we love to laugh. But actually we take what we do incredibly seriously. We strive for the highest possible standards in audience experience, in the service we provide to venues and in the way we work with our people. This all takes place out of sight – so that when we’re with audiences we are sufficiently prepared that we make it look easy…!

But this Christmas, we are all too aware of the huge responsibility we shoulder when we host a Christmas event for families. Because families have had it tough recently. They’ve lost out on years of iconic moments, of joyous gatherings, of relaxing and looking forward to fun. Families have squeezed in their fun, not knowing whether the things they’re planning for are still going to happen. Often, they haven’t happened and families are left with feelings of disappointment, regret and frustration. We understand that – and we take it seriously.

We currently have twelve teams out around the country delivering Christmas events, and we are determined that we not only meet, but exceed audiences expectations. We will do what we do, and do it well – and we will never over-stretch ourselves or promise something that we can’t deliver. We are lucky to work with brilliant partners and venues who share this philosophy. I was privileged to watch a young gentleman with Down’s Syndrome as he met Santa this weekend. He’d thought long and hard about what he wanted for Christmas and when the moment came, he answered simply ‘happiness’. If we can help spread happiness to him, and to other families this Christmas – then that is the most important thing of all. And none of us forget that. Merry Christmas everyone – sending love from Rusticus this festive season.

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